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JVH Custom Shutters

High Quality at the best price made in EEUU.

if you looking to invest in long lasting and top quality shutters, you should also be looking for the same from the company you invest in to provide them. With 13 years’ experience informing our expertise, at custom Shutters you can expect a friendly, personalised service at a very competitive quality for our product we offer.

about us

JVH Custom shutters

was established in 2012 and has since grown to become a reference in the industry.  We offer a wide range of interior window shutters, combining experience with the best quality products available on the market to provide you with a unique service unmatched by any other shutter company .  Shutters are a smart and elegant treatment for your doors and windows.  Custom made for you and your home, they are the perfect addition to any room with benefits extending beyond aesthetics including increased insulation, helps with value of your Home and noise reduction and light control in rooms.


Dear customers

In Jvh Custom Shutters you will not only find what you need, but also the best quality , Years of experience in the industry give us a the experience to sell our custom shutters with which customers are satisfied and that exceed their expectations. You can especially count on us and our products, always with a quality service until the end. Check inventory and call us if you require a special custom product.


Benefits of using shutters for your windows and doors


Shutters are a great accessory that helps protect your home from heat, and also from low temperatures.  In addition, they provide security and privacy. this being able to keep the cool air in your house with them closed. preventing light from entering your room.

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Jvh custom Shutters is committed to selling the best variety of products to customers.  Take a look at what we have in our inventory and order or come in with any questions

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